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Giulia Palermo Lab
Department of Bioengineering
University of California Riverside
223 Materials Science Engineering, 900 University Av. Riverside, CA 92521


The Inland Empire

UCR is located in the Inland Empire, an area at the interface between the Mojave desert and the California mountains, where the naturalistic beauty reflects the history and cultural heritage of the Native American population.

In the Inland Empire, underrepresented minorities are the majority (mainly Hispanic, African American and Native American; U.S. Census 2020). Unfortunately, this area is at the bottom of the California State in terms of education and income. The UCR Center for Social Innovation has recently shown that disparities in education have further grown for minorities in the Inland Empire during COVID-19.

As Educators, it is imperative for us to prepare these underrepresented students to succeed in the 21st century technological workplace. Toward this goal, we are partnering with the Riverside and San Bernardino City High School Districts, organizing a series of programs to mentor and inspire underrepresented students and women. In Riverside, the minority enrollment is 78% of the student body (63 % HIS, 7 % African American), while in San Bernardino, it is 96 % (81 % HIS, 10 % African American). These schools also enroll 164 (Riverside) and 273 (San Bernardino) Native American students. 

Some Statistics

Visit the UCR Center For Social Innovation to know more.

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