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The America of tomorrow will be highly diverse. However, the lack of know-how in computations and coding is dramatically affecting minority students at the K12 level, resulting in African Americans and Hispanics only making up 9% of the science and engineering workforce.[1] Most high-school students and teachers have few hands-on computational research experiences, which is essential to learn new ways to discover Chemistry and Biology.

Our goal is to mentor and inspire the next generation of bright minds in Computational Science, Chemistry and Biology. Our research laboratory is striving to create new programs that will mentor and encourage young students, including underrepresented minorities and women, to engage in higher education.

We strongly believe that Science and Creativity profit of diversity and we are excited about the prospect to create new knowledge in a scientific environment that welcomes diversity.

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Dr. Giulia Palermo
Department of Bioengineering 
University of California Riverside
223 Materials Science & Engineering
900 University Ave. | Riverside, CA 92521

Phone: (+1) 951-827-4303
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Email: giulia.palermo@ucr.edu

[1] Gretter, S.; Yadav, A.; Sands, P.; Hambrusch, S. Equitable Learning Environments in K-12 Computing: Teachers’ Views on Barriers to Diversity. ACM Trans. Comput. Educ. 2009, 19, 1–16.